Conveyance is a new media documentary art project on water policy in Los Angeles.


Inouk Demers (sound artist), Handbuilt (graphic design), Garden Digital (software design).


Fractured Atlas (see below for details) DONATE


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Since its founding, Los Angeles has been the site of endless battles over water development. For over a century, the city's water supply has relied on a complex system of aqueducts, dams, reservoirs, aquifers, pumping stations, tunnels and pipelines, travelling hundreds of miles from every part of the state and beyond. But behind this vast infrastructure lies an even greater one: a framework of water agencies, constitutional amendments, out-of-court agreements, subsidies, entitlements, environmental policies and local initiatives, all grappling with one fact: that freshwater is a limited resource in a world of increasing demand.

Conveyance is a new media and art project on water policy in Los Angeles. Combining documentary media, audio, software and web applications, Conveyance will be presented as a physical information kit, online, and at public venues, with each component taking a distinct approach to content and presentation. This wide array of interactive media reveals a multiplicity of approaches to California's water system, and ties these issues back to all aspects of our daily life. By juxtaposing competing viewpoints and presentation formats, and allowing for subtle irony and wry humor, the collection invites further investigation.

Conveyance brings together a number of speculative documents: an audio collection of field recordings and commentary, a Facebook page, an online water planning game, a poster, a Google map, and more. It will also be disseminated as a mobile listening and information station, making stops (via rental truck) around key water-related areas in Los Angeles.

Handbuilt Studio is a graphic design practice with extensive experience collaborating with artists, architects and designers on educational and cultural projects. Recent collaborators include: the Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design, the Department of Cultural Affairs of Los Angeles, the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, The Corita Center, the HeArt Project, Project Food LA, Otis College of Art and Design, artists Pae White, Rebecca Niederlander and Zoe Crosher and architects Tom Marble, Iris Regn and Michael Pinto. This summer, Handbuilt Studio’s work was recognized by the AIGA as a winner of the 365 Design Competition as well as ID Magazine with an honorable mention in this year’s Annual Design Review.

Conveyance is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions in behalf of Conveyance may be made payable to Fractured Atlas and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Online contributions will appear on your credit card statement under 'Fractured Atlas'.


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Jun 1 2010 |

We are submitting applications for funding to the California Council for the Humanities and the California Story Fund. Results arrive in September. Fingers crossed! If you can think of any organizations that might be interested in hosting or funding Conveyance, let us know.

Feb 1 2010 |

Conveyance collaborator Juliette Bellocq of Handbuilt is promoting the project through a poster designed specially for Made Up: Design's Fictions, a show at Art College featuring leading members of the graphic design community. A few shots of the event and poster can be found here.

October 1 2010 |

Conveyance's Facebook page now has a new, simplified address: That's it! Please visit us often, as the site is updated regularly. Also, Conveyance now has $1000 in individual donations. As always, if you now anyone who would like to contribute to the project, please let them know. Thank to all those who have contributed so far.

August 13 2010 |

Conveyance has received three new donations! Plus, the interactive, birdseye map of L.A.'s water infrastructure is available for viewing. Lots to see there, please take a moment to visit. Plus, we are very close to having enough fans of the Facebook page that the page can get a simpler, more memorable URL. The page is always evolving, so please visit and click "Like"!

July 16 2010 |

Conveyance now has a Facebook page! Check back regularly for new posts on Conveyance's progress and a host of water issues.

July 2 2010 |

A day after sending out the first batch of letters of appeal, donations from individuals are already beginning to come in! A big thanks to all of you who responded so quickly. If you can't donate, spread the word to people who can! Let's keep the momentum going.

May 2010 |

SOMArts accepts two art works of mine for their Blue Planet juried exhibition. Both are based on Conveyance:

sound installation
(with prototype of configurable 'sound art documentary')
April 6 2010 |

Conveyance officially receives fiscal sponsorship from Fractured Atlas! Now we can start applying to private foundations. But to kick start funding, we first need to contact individuals to ask for tax deductible donations. These donations are key to getting "matching funds" from the larger foundations. Letters of appeal will be sent out soon.